CMD GYM Works hard to avoid all outside distractions.. Inside our walls the purpose is to push our limits. strengthen our weaknesses and break our mental barriers that each of us are capable of doing.. Our Standards are high and Our expectations are higher. We make the Arena hard. So once outside the world becomes easier…We only welcome like minded people.

Why Hurting My Back, Was The Best Thing That Could Happen To Me....


Whats the one lift you probably should avoid when you didn’t get enough sleep, feeling stressed, didn’t eat enough and only got about 20 minutes in the gym to get a workout done? YES, you are absolutely right, deadlift of course! So here I was doing heavy doubles without any real warmup, on the second lift of the second round I felt a big POP in my lower back…

When I’m coaching my clients the one movement I’m on their asses about doing right is the deadlift, I know the injury risk of that lift if its done incorrectly. I know better then to do heavy lifts at all if I’m not warmed up correctly or don’t feel that my body is 100%. Still the meathead in me took over and I got hurt bad. I had to spend the next 6 days in bed barely able to move at all. To make it to the toilet took me about 20 minutes back and forth(Thanks god for netflix!) Im still to this day recovering from the injury and I have to plan every single workout I do in the gym around it which has taught me a lot.

The weeks, or even months leading up to the injury had been crazy stressful for me from dealing with a full time job, trying to get my own projekt going in the gym, starting a podcast and planing big future plans for CMD gym. On top of that I was on high carb diet trying to hit heavy numbers on the “three kings” in the gym(deadlift, back squats and bench press) and even though the gym is where I calm my head down it is still adding another stresser to the body.

So why was this the best thing that could happen to me?!

Well.. i honestly believe that it was the universe telling me to slow the fuck down, take a step back and organise your shit! And thats exactly what I did. 

So there I was stuck in my bed and could not leave the house with only the food I’ve been putting in my body for the last 6 months. As I said earlier I was on a high carb diet, mostly chicken, lean fish. A LOT of rice or pasta and broccoli(classic bodybuilding bulk diet) No real salads, no real fats, no quality meat. So for the first 2-3 days I kept on eating that but since I wasn’t able to hit the gym I felt really sluggish from it, but in my mind I didn’t want to loose GAINS and was tricking myself that I be back in the gym doing the same shit in a week or so. Well, that was a complete lie....

So 3 days in I decided to completely cut out all the fast carbs and only ate chicken, lean fish and broccoli. My body immediately felt better. I slept better, my mind worked better and I got a lot more energy. But I still didn’t feel optimised, and yes, it also had to do with that I couldn’t workout in the gym of course. But I still had work to do on my diet..

6 days after I hurt my back I was able to get in my car, drive to the gym, walk in with a cane and do light upper-body work with dumbbells. It was still hurting like hell but I had to get my body moving just a little bit or i would go insane. I look at training as brushing my teeth, so imagine how bad you would feel if you didn’t brush your teeth for 6 days. Still, the work I was able to put in the gym was far from what I was doing before but it felt fucking awesome to be able to move just a little bit again. So for the next 2 weeks I went to the gym every single day and just did light upper body work with dumbbells. As I was getting better I started doing a lot of kettlebell, battle ropes, sandbags, slam balls and body weight workouts witch still to this day is mostly what I use in my workout routine. You rarely see me in the gym with a barbell, nothing against barbells but for me right know with a tight schedule outside the gym thats the kind of workouts that works absolutely best for me, along with walking, stretching, hockey, running, yoga, golf, floor hockey and all the stuff I do outside the gym. 

Another thing that helped me stay sane was the morning walks. About 1,5 weeks after the injury I was able to go on short walks, so I immediately started doing that every morning and pushed myself to go for longer and longer walks, sometimes I pushed to hard and was stuck in the bed for a couple of hours afterwards, but hey, that how your learn right? The amount of energy I got from starting my day with a morning walk and waking my body up with movement was so major that I still to this day do a 20-30 minute walk first thing in the morning every time I’m able to. But thats a whole other blog post...

So back to the diet…

So as I was able to drive myself to the gym after 6 days I was also able to go to the grocery store so i decided to do a full 180 from the diet I was doing before and went full keto(high fat, protein, low carbs and almost zero sugar)So I changed the chicken to quality meat, the lean fish to fatty fish, and the rice and broccoli to salads and avocados. This diet really works for me, I know its not for everyone but for my body its a perfect match, or ALMOST a prefect match. (My diet has since changed just a little bit but thats also a whole other blog post.) My energy went up even more, I slept even better and it honestly felt like my back was healing faster from this. And this is not discarding a carb diet by any means, if you going after big numbers in the gym or wanna get jacked thats probably the preferred diet to go with. For me right now woking out is just one of the tools I use to keep my body fresh and ready for everything I do outside the gym like podcasting, blogging, reading, researching but also keep me sharp inside the gym with coaching classes and personal training with my clients.

The keto diet is the only diet I've ever tried (and I've tried ALOT!) that gave me both the energy to crush it in the gym along with the mental clarity I need to attack everything outside it.

So to sum up a long story…

Even though my back injury set me back in the gym when it comes strength and I lost some size I still got all the benefits from it. I decided early on the see this as an opportunity to make some changes all around. I also was lucky with my back and it turned out to just be a muscle tear so my spine is fine. But even now almost 4 months after it happened I sometimes wake up with a sore back so I’m not 100% healed yet. 

I guess it all comes back to mindset and how you decide to tackle a step back, for me this back injury was the best thing that could ever happen to me and really set me on a path to optimise my lifestyle all around. Since the injury I completely changed my diet, changed my workout routine, I don’t work at my regular job as much, I prioritise recovery work over workouts if needed, I read more, I sleep better and the list goes on…




It's been a welcome break these past weeks from this medium of virtual dust called Instagram. Along with the other attractive, addictive traps of social media. Its been filled with early morning training while the rest of the day is accented by sun filled adventures in and on the water. I've had real quality time with my CEO. Alongside polishing off Guinness and Donuts every chance I got and throwing in some Tequila just to balance things out... 'What do you want from me people? I'm just trying to keep my head above water'.
My likes, views and reposts came in the form of one on one dope ass deep conversations.
Memories were also made without selfies, tags or hashtags. Dusky evenings came complimented with BBQ's and a hefty dessert of hunting lizards and walks on the beach, while watching the tide go out as it erased our footprints in the process. Followed with, you guessed it! More dope ass deep conversations with the little CEO.

Sometimes we just need to remember, well better yet remind ourselves "Fuck everyone else for a bit" To hell with the hollow pursuits and discard the empty promises people make and drop the frenemies. Hell with the push and pull of the game. What will be will be. Your true tribe is all that matters, may it be blood or the ones that over time prove
themselves to BE blood, while they ride shot gun on the storms and rough seas you navigate through on the regular called life. Always thank those in your life that mitigate the bullshit without even trying to.
We're all victims to this machine and guilty of contributing grease, fuel, bolts and wiring to help it manipulate our time. So much that we forget we can just shut it out and off, whenever we choose for however long we choose and everything will actually be 'OK'.

Prime example: Weeks later as I steer onto the entrance ramp and merge back into this highway called 'the age of spin'. The motivators are still motivating 'God bless them' while the Jack Asses are still being Ass Hats, oh yeah and the world continued spinning, what a shocker? We didn't miss Fuck all. It showed me again because I have a tendency to forget. I must refuse to waste time with anything or anyone, that antagonizes my character...


Because of traveling and time restraints, Wonder Woman part 2 was feeling forced and that just wouldn't do for me, so will post it next Sunday. We decided to put up an old post that actually fits what was witnessed in the gym a few times this week. While chatting with one of our girls, we talked about the workers and the coasters. We both agreed the coasters are ones that usually complain... 


I don't care how naturally gifted you are, how much you back squat or bench press. What impresses me is someone's consistency. When Mikael came to us he couldn't even step up on a 10-inch box or swing a kettlebell without getting winded. From day one he has never missed a session, leaves it all in the gym when he's done and never complains, never says he wants to look like this or look like that. He just keeps pushing forward and setting goals for himself.

Now he's hanging with the best of them and we haven't even talked diet yet. His mobility has improved and his endurance and breathing has done a 180. Bottom line is Mikael's a fighter and in my eyes a true Boss! I can care less how fast someone advances as long as they continuously move forward and hit their goals. 

In my business so many people have come to me and basically put in an order like they are at McDonald's. Because of the celebrities I have trained and the professional athletes and projects I've worked and assisted with, people think just being around me the body of their dreams will just magically appear. 

Comically I catch myself thinking, let me just get my chisel and hammer and I will sort you right out. Once the training starts those people quit, find excuses, or look for other short cuts once they realize real work has to be put in. Oh, and one of my favorites, they start to question the actual training. 9 out of 10 times they never last and in the process find out more about themselves then they probably didn't want to admit or face.

All ways bringing it..

All ways bringing it..

Oddly enough It's not about coming in throwing up or crawling out of the gym miserable or having a bruiting attitude so you can post a pic on IG and put some I'm the baddest blah, blah, whatever caption under it.

However, it is about being present, putting the work in while you're here and being honest with yourself an hour or two later when asking: Could I have done more? Not for the coach, not for my ego, not for the others in the gym to witness but for my physical, personal and mental growth. .

Wonder Woman Part 1

Having the opportunity to work on such an amazing project, has truly been a blessing and a game changer. The Ladies/Amazons we worked with clearly went far and beyond physically and mentally to achieve their goals, and get the results everyone is buzzing about. These woman gave so much of themselves and we couldn't be prouder. I'm actually surprised I'm still alive and writing this blog after the work we put those poor women through. Was pretty confident at times that a car bomb or poisoned food was in my near future. The demands were high and the final outcome speaks for itself and is forever immortalized on film... Dab!

Morgan AKA 'Queen Bee"

Morgan AKA 'Queen Bee"

The months of prep work didn't come easy. On top of their diet, stunts training, fighting, horseback riding and filming in full costume. It still amazes me that we only had a few issues with light injuries, and the ones we did encounter were past issues before even coming on set. Except for the Queens guards and the main cast. Most groups were between 8-10 Amazons with the exception of odd filming/scheduling days when the groups would train together. Saying this we were able to control the environment and get the proper outcome so no one fell to the wayside and the attention to detail never swayed...


The Queens Guards and Special Stunts... "Handling their shit"

The Queens Guards and Special Stunts... "Handling their shit"

It was made clear strength, some positive muscle and keeping them feminine so they fit the roll, was the main goal for the look of the Amazons. Personally I've always felt you can tell if someone actually does something with their body/build or just lifts weight for mirror muscles. These ladies needed to look the part, but even more be able to sell the part on screen, which in my opinion they did and then some... Whomever disagrees? Is more than welcome to call me and I'll be more than willing to tell you about your ASS... Motivation and moral constantly leveled up when we would take weekly photos of each Amazon, so they could witness the changes first hand and realize that there was a rhyme and reason to our methods of training. It also helped prove that we almost knew what we were doing and talking about... 

madeleine Vall Beijner

madeleine Vall Beijner

Most if not all our warriors were already bringing something to the table. Dancers, Personal Trainers, Athletes and Models, so for the most part they all had a taste of being put under pressure. The beginning months was about putting on real mass, some needed more others needed less. Then as the months progressed towards filming and shooting. Diet "Which we will visit in part 2" became more strict and we leaned towards functional cardio based training, or as I like say. "The Party Is Over, It's Time To Pay The Bill". 

It's incredible how close you become on such a large project, everyone wanted everyone else to succeed and do well. Friendships were forged, memories most certainly made, more "quotes of the day" then you could possibly imagine got dropped on a regular. Don't even get me started on some of the deep intellectual conversations Hayley Warnes who plays "Aella" one of the Queens Guards and myself had. Let's just say we won't be finding a cure for cancer anytime soon. However our knowledge of "espresso not expresso" and weighted plank holds, make us the heavy weight champs of the world and we will never be rivaled #TRUESTORY. The pack mentality became strong quick and we all turned into a force to be reckoned with. Bottomline: you messed with one of the squad, you dealt with the whole squad, and we hadn't even left for Italy yet...




Bad Ass Old School Jeans Fit

After many hours of deep conversation and serious research, Tom and I started programming for old school fitness. To hell with all this new wave training, diaper baby crap. We're talking about getting caught up in the middle of bumfuck America and wrecking shit like "John Rambo fit". Head band game strong.

Or outrun a boulder and poisoned blow darts like "Indiana Jones fit" and having the meanest sounding upper cut and right hook in the game. How about running down the bad guys on foot while they are going 100miles an hour in a BMW on Hollywood Blvd like "Martin Riggs fit". Mullets are proven beneficial for being old school strong. 

If that does nothing for you, how about my personal favorite: Jumping off Nakatomi Plaza with a fire hose tied around your waist as a helicopter explodes behind you "John McClane fit", barefoot I might add, and the best damn Christmas holiday movie ever!

We're talking single handedly taking on a T-800 "Kyle Reese fit", in a night club while sporting a trench coat and rocking the old school hightop Nikes with the Velcro strap on the top. #BOSS

Make no mistake, we don't mean "Jason Bourne fit" I lost my memory and need help from every gadget possible! Here's another one "Kevin McCallister fit" he manhandled two Hooligans/Cat Burglars with nothing more than a VHS a BB gun and some Christmas ornaments. Then did it again in New York/ Central Park at night, now that's fit! What 7yr old in 2017 can do that?! None, God damn it! None, I tell you... So ask yourself, am I fit enough to run through a jungle, cover myself in mud, then take down a 9ft Alien that is one "Ugly MotherFucker"? If not, we really don't know what your doing with your fitness or life for that matter...


Our first post on our new site, was written on the tail end of wrapping up this summers blockbuster " Wonder Woman." The training was intense the experience was a serious game changer. We will dive into that after the movie releases this weekend, It will be a two part post.

Wonder Woman: Amazon's on set resting between takes.

Wonder Woman: Amazon's on set resting between takes.

Training and killing time efficiently, 

Training and killing time efficiently, 

Recently I was training with a few friends after returning from training the cast and crew for next summers DC Comics film Wonder Woman. We ended up in a conversation about fitness perceptions and how social media doesn't always help. The past 3-4 months while working on the project. more and more people are asking about my training and diet. Some have even asked others in our circle if I'm on something.

Things aren't always what they seem. First of all, social media never shows you the whole process. People post one meal and maybe a workout or two, and oddly enough don't show the other 19-20 hours of the day. it comes across that's all they have done. People don't see the walks to the gym instead of driving, replacing a drink with water, drinking coffee black, getting meals with your sauces on the side, getting loads of rest and recovery and my all time favorite, being good so when it's time you can be bad.. 

I've also thrown all the supplements out the window. I even went a step further and removed all stresses, such as people, situations etc. Basically anything that fucks with my whole Zen thing I've got going on is getting tossed. Another important thing is, don't think for a second that everyday is by the book diet wise and I could care less what time you wake up in the mornings and train. 

What matters is the time put in when its put in. Anyone who knows me and has had the pleasure of rolling with me knows I love Guinness, Tequila and Donuts. I'm even confident that some friends are still getting over a hangover as we speak. You can thank me later guys.

Bottomline: moderation, place and time. Some are convinced that they can't show the cracks in the armor, or the not so perfectly scheduled training day image. Come on, in my eyes it just means you're hiding something else. Moving back to social media I feel we all need to get better at showing the 20 percent we do, to get the other 80 percent we put on social media. Just look at it like this. You can either sink, swim or be the captain. I refuse to sink, I know damn well how to swim. So I'll take the last option.