CMD GYM Works hard to avoid all outside distractions.. Inside our walls the purpose is to push our limits. strengthen our weaknesses and break our mental barriers that each of us are capable of doing.. Our Standards are high and Our expectations are higher. We make the Arena hard. So once outside the world becomes easier…We only welcome like minded people.


Because of traveling and time restraints, Wonder Woman part 2 was feeling forced and that just wouldn't do for me, so will post it next Sunday. We decided to put up an old post that actually fits what was witnessed in the gym a few times this week. While chatting with one of our girls, we talked about the workers and the coasters. We both agreed the coasters are ones that usually complain... 


I don't care how naturally gifted you are, how much you back squat or bench press. What impresses me is someone's consistency. When Mikael came to us he couldn't even step up on a 10-inch box or swing a kettlebell without getting winded. From day one he has never missed a session, leaves it all in the gym when he's done and never complains, never says he wants to look like this or look like that. He just keeps pushing forward and setting goals for himself.

Now he's hanging with the best of them and we haven't even talked diet yet. His mobility has improved and his endurance and breathing has done a 180. Bottom line is Mikael's a fighter and in my eyes a true Boss! I can care less how fast someone advances as long as they continuously move forward and hit their goals. 

In my business so many people have come to me and basically put in an order like they are at McDonald's. Because of the celebrities I have trained and the professional athletes and projects I've worked and assisted with, people think just being around me the body of their dreams will just magically appear. 

Comically I catch myself thinking, let me just get my chisel and hammer and I will sort you right out. Once the training starts those people quit, find excuses, or look for other short cuts once they realize real work has to be put in. Oh, and one of my favorites, they start to question the actual training. 9 out of 10 times they never last and in the process find out more about themselves then they probably didn't want to admit or face.

All ways bringing it..

All ways bringing it..

Oddly enough It's not about coming in throwing up or crawling out of the gym miserable or having a bruiting attitude so you can post a pic on IG and put some I'm the baddest blah, blah, whatever caption under it.

However, it is about being present, putting the work in while you're here and being honest with yourself an hour or two later when asking: Could I have done more? Not for the coach, not for my ego, not for the others in the gym to witness but for my physical, personal and mental growth. .