CMD GYM Works hard to avoid all outside distractions.. Inside our walls the purpose is to push our limits. strengthen our weaknesses and break our mental barriers that each of us are capable of doing.. Our Standards are high and Our expectations are higher. We make the Arena hard. So once outside the world becomes easier…We only welcome like minded people.



It's been a welcome break these past weeks from this medium of virtual dust called Instagram. Along with the other attractive, addictive traps of social media. Its been filled with early morning training while the rest of the day is accented by sun filled adventures in and on the water. I've had real quality time with my CEO. Alongside polishing off Guinness and Donuts every chance I got and throwing in some Tequila just to balance things out... 'What do you want from me people? I'm just trying to keep my head above water'.
My likes, views and reposts came in the form of one on one dope ass deep conversations.
Memories were also made without selfies, tags or hashtags. Dusky evenings came complimented with BBQ's and a hefty dessert of hunting lizards and walks on the beach, while watching the tide go out as it erased our footprints in the process. Followed with, you guessed it! More dope ass deep conversations with the little CEO.

Sometimes we just need to remember, well better yet remind ourselves "Fuck everyone else for a bit" To hell with the hollow pursuits and discard the empty promises people make and drop the frenemies. Hell with the push and pull of the game. What will be will be. Your true tribe is all that matters, may it be blood or the ones that over time prove
themselves to BE blood, while they ride shot gun on the storms and rough seas you navigate through on the regular called life. Always thank those in your life that mitigate the bullshit without even trying to.
We're all victims to this machine and guilty of contributing grease, fuel, bolts and wiring to help it manipulate our time. So much that we forget we can just shut it out and off, whenever we choose for however long we choose and everything will actually be 'OK'.

Prime example: Weeks later as I steer onto the entrance ramp and merge back into this highway called 'the age of spin'. The motivators are still motivating 'God bless them' while the Jack Asses are still being Ass Hats, oh yeah and the world continued spinning, what a shocker? We didn't miss Fuck all. It showed me again because I have a tendency to forget. I must refuse to waste time with anything or anyone, that antagonizes my character...