CMD GYM Works hard to avoid all outside distractions.. Inside our walls the purpose is to push our limits. strengthen our weaknesses and break our mental barriers that each of us are capable of doing.. Our Standards are high and Our expectations are higher. We make the Arena hard. So once outside the world becomes easier…We only welcome like minded people.

48 - EPISODE 48

The boys are back in studio talking about Tom’s trip to Spain, Bulking for the winter, Tomb Raider, Elon Musk, AI (again!), Phone Addictions, Old Video games, Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, Parallel Universes, Life Goals, Living in the Past and much more..

47 - EPISODE 47

This week's episode Tom and Mario talks about mid-life crisis, Yacht-life, Going for your goals, Baby-crisis in Japan, AI, Universal basic income, Promoting Obesity, OZARK, Pastor grabbing Ariana Grande, Slick Willie ready to risk it all, Genghis Khan's bloodline And much more.... Enjoy!

46 - EPISODE 46

This episode Tom and Mario talks about Training sport team's, Bulking 365 days a year, Diving, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s eye for the sky, Westworld, Making it with Daddy’s money, CBD oil, The Swedish flag and much more… Enjoy!

45 - EPISODE 45

This episode Mario and Tom are talking about Sheikh's, Dubai, Animal's that kill, Dogs, Special clubs in Japan, Christmas gifts, Johnny Depp beating up people, does wearing gold makes you a douche bag, Secret service, Guy codes and much more..

44 - EPISODE 44

Tom and Mario are in studio on a Saturday talking about the passing of Aretha Franklin, Music, People waking up, Learning from having a open mind, Instagram models, Team mentality, Toms best summer EVER, World of Warcraft, Making it on the Internet and much more…. Enjoy!

43 - EPISODE 43

On today's episode Mario and Tom talk about last weeks Crossfit games, whats good and bad about steroids, CBD oil,  Looking good vs. Feeling good, Why Tom has not answered his phone all week, Shitty diets, Wim Hof, Alex Jones, Where we get our news and much more! 

40 - Fasting

Pimping out "Air Force One" Mario goes for a four day fast next, Tom has his first coffee and the guys discuss the difference of training smart vs training hard..