CMD GYM Works hard to avoid all outside distractions.. Inside our walls the purpose is to push our limits. strengthen our weaknesses and break our mental barriers that each of us are capable of doing.. Our Standards are high and Our expectations are higher. We make the Arena hard. So once outside the world becomes easier…We only welcome like minded people.



"I Got This" The podcast was never planned or thought of, However like most things You can be to close to see what others on the outside can. Friends, Colleges and members. Would always say "You need to start a podcast because the shit you, we talk about is, informative, funny, educational and on occasions deep... So as we explore this new genre and let it organically grown into whatever it will be. Thank to those who have pushed us to do it, and thank you to those who support us and those who have already expressed, we are inspiring them on different levels. Cause in the end thats what it is all about.